Monday, 28 October 2013

Being a good person is something we can work on.

"9. You don't need to memorize and follow a bunch of rules.
The only useful rule is to listen to yourself and follow that.
10. Nobody is more spiritual than anyone else.
Everyone has a spirit. We are all equally spiritual. Being a good person is something we can work on. "

from 10 things everyone gets wrong abot yoga over at MindBodyGreen

these 2 really spoke to me. I dont really have many aims in life (other than get rid of debt and be mortgage free asap.), but I do live by a philosophy of treat others the way you would like to be treated. I find this works for me, and I am tyring to instill a sense of that in my son. In all honesty, I don't need to instil that in him, it is already there and it shines out from within him. Yet he is treading the murky waters of Primary school, friendships, best friends, horrible friends and everything inbetween. So far I have had to remind him that he does what HE wants and not to do something because other friends are telling him he needs to, or, as I overhear at my door one day, blackmail; If you don't do suchandsuch, then we wont be your friend for a whole week*.

Today is Lyle's school Halloween party. We quickly made a costume yesterday.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Leonardo.
Made eye mask, belt, shell, swords, undershell. and our own face paint.

Here is a rough copy... will get better pics tonight when he is 'all dressed'.

*I was livid with that and went to my door, and said to Lyle, loud enough for them 2 to hear, that he does not need friends who make him feel sad and that he has other friends he can play with, (he didnt then, he only had those two boys as friends...) and to close the door when done.  Oh how much I wanted to give those kids into trouble! All because he did not want to go out to play.

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