Friday, 11 October 2013

Little Christmas Stash.

So tonight I got some great bargins whilst doing my messages - Scottish for going shopping, mostly food shopping.

I picked up and added to my little pile:
Batman pyjamas for Declan £7, nope I paid £4.
Girls pyjamas for Coby-Leigh, £4.50, I paid £2!
Flip top pens, £4 a pack, I paid £3 for 2 packs.
Sharpie pens, I paid 50p a pack and got 2 packs. I might get another few packs when next there, as they are good present builders/stocking fillers.
Crayola dry erasers £1 I think. I might keep these for me as I'm hoping to get something for in the kitchen... More on that another time.
The 3 games that I mentioned before
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ooze chucking Mikey (when did they start calling Michelangelo Mikey?).
TMNT Socks (probably when they changed to TMNT).
Wellie socks
Skylanders Mega Bloks - Troll Mech Ambush and Arkeyan Copter Attack.

Not pictured is TMNT pyjamas and obviously his bike, which is staying in the shop til the week of Christmas.

Just need to get some make up/nail stuff for Coby and something of WWF for Declan and I'm done for them.
Not got Rio anything yet, but have began looking.

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