Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Fun Stuff

for end of December.
Thursday 3rd going to Pavillion up Glasgow to see Pinocchio, Lyle really excited, (my mum bought the tickets for us, im majorly skint!)
Saturday 5th CLUB NOIR! nuff said!
Thursday 10th its the Singing Kettles Christmas PJ party!
finding and wrapping all the presents, getting them delivered before christmas. that will be a struggle
around the 13th is Decorations time!

a major sadness is 22nd December, the 1st anniversary of my Nana's death, which was partly to blame for my depression getting worse, but also helped me to move on from my depression, well move through it, as Adams, Hayes and Hobson model would suggest. (Man I hate psychology!)

25th December is CHRISTMAS! i have agreed with Paul that he can come to ours in the morning to see Lyle open his presents and on boxing day i have said we will go down thier for an hour or 2! why cant i be a bitch and just say no? oh yeah thats right, cause i want my child to know his father and not just think of him as a 'sperm donor', pity Paul doesnt see that im trying to do that without it effecting Lyle!

then its HOGMANY! big up here, think ill celebrate it same way i have for past 3 years, in my house, in bed, for the bells! hahaha! big difference from when i used to go out to word up! get absolutely plastered and be sober for the bells, cause u cant get to the bar for the people! last year was different, it was my nana's funeral, so hogmany will have an added meaning this year.

Also really looking forward to catching up with my bestest friend in the whole world, even though im a shit friend!!! Diarmaid is coming home! and he's bringing his mrs with him! 1st time we will have met, saying that ive only seen Diarmaid for about 3 hours in over 3 years!!! OMG! cant wait! I need to get a babysitter as we are going out for a proper piss up! Ive not had one since we stopped going to txt for £1 drinks and buying over £100 of drinks n shots between us!!each week! sometimes every friday, saturday AND sunday!! feck knows how we have survived!!!

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