Thursday, 31 December 2009

Nollaig chridheil agus Bliadhma mhath ur!

End of 2009, have I achieved much?
Yes, I think I have, I finally got out of my T-Mobile employment, started a course at college, learned myself to crochet, got back into knitting, gotten into an 'ok' place with the ex regarding my son, learned myself how to cook more, applied for Uni and college for next year. lost a stone n a half in weight....

Plans for 2010:
lose more weight, ideally aiming for 5 stone, but not expecting it to come off in a month (unfortunately lol)
decide what i want to do, social work for uni or college for socal science then uni 2 years later for the 3rd year...
get my house organised more, get new wardrobes that i can actually use! get Lyle the toy storage system so he can actually play with half his toys! hopefully get a new kitchen...
de clutter more often
use up all my craft stash before i start buying more.
I should add in ''get a boyfriend'' but im not too bothered about that just now...

plans for the Bells.... well its 8:30pm, im in my jammies, my son is in his bed after a visit from my mum, im on here, about to play world of warcraft, although i am shattered, so i may end up in bed after Still Game, but then again that finishes at 11pm!

Well have a good New Year Everyone, hope 2010 brings a lot of happyness to a lot of people :)

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