Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Burlesque Baby!

me and a few friends are hittin the biggest (and reportedly the best) Burlesque club in the UK this Saturday! I am sooo excited! I have ordered and recieved;

red and black corset,

black Miss Misty Frilly knickers

black and red feather fascinator,

Made my own bustle, bag, garter, chain, and jewellery to go over my forehead and through my hair a bit..
(Pics later)
ordered 2 pairs of over the knee boots, 1 has arrived and is too wee :( cant get them over my 'footballer' calfs!

other pair havnt arrived! and im stressing about them now!

Bought new make up, tried a few different styles, 1 of the girls going is just back form America, where I asked her to get some body gems - think Christina Agulera in Moulan Rouge! 

Oh really cant wait! it is going to be sooo fantastic! ive never been to anything like this before, but i think i'll really lurve it!

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  1. Ok need to add that the boots where a 'no go', i fell over putting them on!!!!