Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring in is the air....

... Oh wait! That is the smell of SNOW!

Yep I am smelling snow. It is a rather distinct smell. To me its similar to a powder I use to make chocolate milkshakes/chocolate butter icing for on top of cupcakes. Now it doesn't smell like those, but more like the smell of the taste of them. Strange I know, but I have never professed to be anything other than strange.

We are at the end of March, and as I sit in my cold office with my hat still on, watching the snow swirl around outside, I am looking on Pinterest to see how I make some Easter Bunnies with some sort of egg inside them to give out as presents.

I ordered a new Nokia Lumia 920 yesterday, but have now asked my neighbour NOT to accept the delivery, It looks good, it sounds good, BUT its way behind with regards to apps, and concidering I have been using mobile fones with app abilities since around 2005 (MDA, MDA3, G1, HTC), I'm loath to 'go backwards', although the fact it has Windows 8, was a selling point, oh and the spectacular camera, I just dont want to be frustrated with the slow internet, the frozen screen and constant soft resets that I keep reading about. So back to the warehouse it goes and then I will order a Samsung Galaxy 3. And give that a try.

Back to Easter; I have NO chocolate eggs in the house! And my lovely son informed me he just loves Easter because the Easter Bunny leaves clues to go find his eggs. And how exciting is that mummy, when you get up in the morning and are allowed to go hunting for some chocolate eggs! so later today, I shall be scouring the local pond shops for some Easter Egg Hunt kits, as I have really left it too late to make my own.
Good Friday this week. My son was born on Good Friday 6 years ago, his birthday this year is a week and a day later. He has asked for a Harry Potter themed party, I have soo many fantastic ideas going on in my head (some that I have garnered from random searches on Google), but I can't get anywhere to hold the party. Community Centres are booked out by after-school clubs for years in advance, sport centres are too big, cost too much, social clubs won't even entertain the idea due to the party being for under 18 year olds and they wont make any money from them not buying alcohol, which I find really crazy. The hall is empty (they were willing to book it out, so nothing else was booked in), they wont make any money for that day. They could book it out, and make £30-£50 for a few hours. But no, they dont want to make money. instead they would rather be empty, make no money and close down.
The social clubs I called are all in financial trouble, they are not getting many membership renuals, they all have licences for having children on the premises, host their own Christmas parties sometimes.

My bank card has been compromised. Someone tried to use my details to pay £100 to William Hill, many times. Thankfully my bank, Lloyds TSB declined the transactions. I have now been left without a bank card for nearly two weeks. Really annoying, but a small price to pay to keep my account safe. 

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