Wednesday, 11 December 2013

3-D Paper Snowflakes

Everyone is doing these just now, they are all over pinterest and facebook.
Here is the one i have done for in work.
Its nice and simple. fold 6 square pieces of paper in half to make a triangle, fold again to make a smaller triangle. cut 3 lines almost all the way up paralel to the side with only 1 fold.
open up, take the middle two 'triangles' and roll togetehr, tape in place, turn paper around so the roll is on the table, take the next two in line and roll together and tape, repeat until done. do with all 6 pieces of paper. join together in middle, then all the taped rolls on the outside, you want them to join so that when hung it keeps its shape.
make a hole at the top of one point and trhead some nice ribbon through to hang up on the celling. I dont have any just now, so i am using paperclips haha.

fold in half
and half again

3 cuts upto the side with 1 fold, dont cut all the way through

open out

tape middle 2 triangles together

flip over

tape next 2 together

and soo on and soo on
till all done

I stapeled 2 together

and then 3 pairs together in the middle

no sides joined, goes all floppy

stapled the outside 'X' together with their neighbours

not floppy anymore

hung up at my office counter.

decided to do more cuts this time

Apologies for no Advent or Elf on the shelp posts. Depression is kicking my butt big time just now, and I don't have the energy to kick its butt back :( I do have a mobile full of pictures for posts, just now goingto tray and find time to get them done. So apologies in advance for possibly having 3 or 4 posts a day and then none for a while again. 

Elf on the shelf
What has our ELf done?
Well he has been found in the breakfast cupboard, having a bath with the octonauts, TP'ed the tree, snuck into bed with us during the storm, hidden that days chocolate from the advent calendar. Tonight he is making these 3-d snowflakes for us to finish along with our letter to santa and a lot more...

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