Saturday, 7 December 2013

Advent day one

Today is the anticipated day of Advent, for me, it is the chance to get playing Elf on the Shelf. For Lyle, it is the count down to Christmas. I know it is a lot more than that. But for us just now, this is what we have been looking forward to.

Day one.
In our advent calendar it said go visit Santa with a ticket for xscape.
So off we went. Wrapped up warm. Santas grotto, you see, is on the snow.
After we were booked in, names on, we waited in short line (6 children per booking slot) beside the grotto. We tried to pick up some snow but it has compacted to ice, as we got closer, we could see Santa through the window and Lyle, really excitedly says "its the real one mum, look the real Santa has come!"
When it was our turn we both got to sit beside Santa, and he spoke to Lyle, saying how he knows he is a good boy but really needs to listen to his mum more, how his writing and reading are coming along great but needs to start liking sums more. He asked him if he is still wanting the new Skylanders and that his elves are busy making some just now.
Then Santa brings out a parcel just for Lyle, and inside this parcel is an elf. Santa said that elfie will come back home each night to tell Santa and his family all the great things that Lyle does, like bring helpful, being kind and tidying his toys away.
We all got our picture taken, then Lyle got to race an elf named Darren down the hill on sledges.

We waited in a short line to get our free picture, but when it was our turn, the printer broke, we waited for 40 minutes then they put them on pen drives instead.

Lyle was soo cute, asking Elfie what he liked etc and putting the elf up to his ear to hear what the reply was.

We then spent some money on different games like air hockey and whack a mole.

Our day out was great, and I would fully recommend Snow Factors Santa experience.

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