Wednesday, 4 December 2013

End of the 10pm Bedtime Club/November Challenge

Well the end has been and gone, overall it wasn't a complete failure, I had more nights where I went to bed before midnight, and a few that were after. Compared to before, this is a vast improvement. I intend to keep trying and aiming for a 10pm bed time. 

The National Sleep Foundation ten top tips, which are mostly common sense when you really think about it. 

My tips are

Get rid of electronics from the bedroom. 
  • No TV, 
  • No p.c., 
  • No laptop, 
  • No tablet, 
  • No smartphone, in fact no phones at all. 
Have your bedroom at a comfortable temperature.
  •  I prefer cool, 
  • my son needs warm as he doesn't sleep with covers; ever. Even when it is minus 12* outside and cold inside. 
Make it nice and dark
  • invest in blackout blinds if necessary
Don’t eat after dinner and try and have dinner before 7pm.
Don’t get sucked in with TV time schedules. Most people have some sort of record facility on their TV’s. Record and watch when you have time during the day.

Well thank you for following me on my mission to get more better quality sleep. Oh and I  purchased a Lumie BodyClock. Tried it today for the first time and it sort of worked. When the beep beep of the alarm part came on and woke me up, the sun was shining, I hit the snooze and the light and sound went off, I was not expecting that. I would have liked the noise to stop but the light to continue, it snoozed for 9 minutes and this time the beep beep woke up Lyle and he got up and came into my room.
The verdict is still out but I have not written it off after one day. 

And it does do the nice rays of sunshine on the walls. And boy, is it bright!

Next mission is


  1. That's kind of lame that the light goes off. That defeats the purpose! I wonder if there is a setting to keep it on... probably not. I hope it ends up working for you, but that pretty much turns me off wanting to get one. Boo.

  2. I had figured it out a few mornings ago, but tried this morningand i couldnt stop the rooster (Lyle wanted to try it as he has *always* wanted a rooster to wake us all up in the mornings haha). So there is a way, I just havn't mastered it in my fuzzy-just woken up state yet.