Monday, 10 December 2012

Iron man

Soo, we went to see iron man.
Here are some pics until I get to a p.c. to write up.

(Updated from here!)
A mummy at the school gates told us about Hamleys doing a 'meet Iron Man' day in November, she told me in front of Lyle, so every few days I would get a question to the effect of "mum, is it tomorrow we go see Iron Man?"

Well, the day F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. arrived and off we set in my new car (more on that later),

 I parked in Govan instead of paying for parking in Glasgow City Center  we went for the Underground train to take us into St Enoch's Station, this is Lyle waiting patiently for the train from Govan Subway. 

We wait in a queue for over 2 hours, have to say, I was well impressed that Hamleys didn't exploit the situation and have the elves out playing with all the wonderful toys that they stock, instead the elves where going around all the children, chatting to them, and offering them jelly sweets. 

Lyle was Úber excited, even though it was boring to wait in the queue, even more so when Iron Man flew back to America for his lunch with Pepper Potts, and then flew all the way back, and broke his suit in the process.

And of course, Mummy HAD to get her picture taken with her fav two males in the St Enoch's Center!

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