Saturday, 29 December 2012

New year, new me and all that.

Rather looking forward to 2013.
So far I have got booked Example in Feb, Lana Del Ray in May, and just about to book Tough Mudder.
Got trainers for my birthday and tracksuit for my Christmas so I am set for going out running. Weather has been absolutely pants for even getting from house to car, galeforce winds that misty rain that has you soaked to the bone by just looking at it.. hope I get the chance to get out soon.
Doing the yearly budget this week. I haven't ever done one, but as this is now my 3rd year of attempting to live frugally, I want to participate with numbers in mind.
Gordon laughed at me when I mentioned I had a spreadsheet for Christmas, like laughed for days. I like the idea of spreadsheets, it wasn't a budgeted one, just one where I could keep track of where my money went.
I also received vouchers for skiing, think I am using them for Lyle to learn, will need to call up and see what the score is with kids lessons.
Of to clean up, the house is bursting at the seems with toys and I can't get to wash the floors with Lyle around. He is not here just now, so off I go!

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