Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas party!

Lyle didn't want to go to his Christmas party in school, practically had to bribe him (that I would stay for ages). 
He didn't like the noise, wouldn't dance with his friends. The head teacher brought over a chair and placed it just outside the dance hall with the doors open so he could go in when he was ready.
One of the English medium primary one teachers came to chat with him, the head then asked me to come check out the treats, and see what he can and can not have. When I went back, Lyle was just inside the door dancing with the teacher and some of his friends from class, I let him know I was going to sit in the car til the party was done.
He came out from the party saying he had a great time and complained that it was too short!
I'm loving his Christmas jumper. Here he is just before we left for the party :)

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